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John Beck Tax Real Estate

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Penny Toss

Size of Group: 12-20

Equipment: Container of 50-100 Pennies. 30 various small prizes. A full-size white sheet with about 12 various-sized plate circles traced with marker on it-circles should be towards the center of the sheet, not near the edges.

Objective: Social Interactive Activity To Promote Eye-Hand and Spacial Coordination, and FUN!

Description: Need a roomy place to do this activity (dining rooms work great). A sheet is spead out and small prizes are placed in each circle. Prizes can be candy bars, snacks, small stuffed animals, kleenexes, socks, can of nuts etc. Make sure prizes do not cover the circle. Players are seated around the sheet on all sides. Each person is given 5 pennies to toss. THE RULES: Only one person tosses a penny at a time. The penny must land inside the circle or at least touch the circle-line in order to win.

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