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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Keep it going Volleyball

Size: 4+ (larger the area, the more people who can participate!)

Equipment: Beach Ball, chairs

Objective: To increase physical activity, improve problem solving skills, and increase team work.

Description: This is great when patients are unable to leave a unit, or have to stay indoors.

Start by having all participants sit in a chair scattered around the room.

The object is to count every time the beach ball is hit by a hand (or head). If the beach ball at anytime rolls flat (no bouncing) on the floor or a table, the count starts over again at 1. The ball can bounce off the walls, tables, floor, ceiling etc., but just cannot roll flat.

Added Rules are:
1. no one is allowed to stand up as long as the ball is in play.
2. No kicking, spiking
3. No monopolizing the ball only 2 hits in a row by same person count (higher functioning groups figured out it was easiest to monopolize to get a high score)
4. Not allowed to have just a small group pass back and forth to each other over and over

The final goal is to see if the team can break the record. This activity works great with ages 12-17 in patient's. My first group's record was 25, it's now up to 1,017! You'll see natural leaders blossom, and problem solving comes in play especially when there are holes the ball keeps falling flat into. Great for teamwork, because not one person can fail, since everyone is on one team.

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