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John Beck Tax Real Estate
John Beck Tax Real Estate

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Size of group: any size

Equipment: medium size soft football and large washing basket

Objective: socialization. Hand-eye co-ordination. Exercise for the hands and arms

Description: the individuals have to throw the ball into the basket. Depending on individuals abilities this can be easy or really difficult. They have as many goes as they need to get the ball into the basket. It is up to the organizer to put the basket at a reasonable distance for each individual (not everyone will do the same distance)the organizer encourages the individual to keep on trying and also encourages others to encourage them. You move around the group until every one as been able to throw the ball successfully in the basket. Then you start again but this time you move the basket a little further away. The organizer may need to give verbal assistance to some such as throw a little higher or harder in order for them to get the ball in the basket.

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