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Friday, January 29, 2010

Two extremes

A game of two extremes! This is a simple ice breaker to get people up and moving and sharing their preferences or views on topics.

Create an imaginary line from one end of the room to the other. Instruct people to move to a point on the line to indicate where they stand on a particular issue.

For example - move to the left hand side of the room if you like chocolate, the right hand side if you like strawberry.

If people don't have a strong opinion they stand in the middle.

Continue with other examples / extremes:

* Fold toilet paper or Scrunch
* Sleep in or Get up Early?
* Big party or intimate dinner?
* Dance or Alternative Music
* Would you rather go to the football or a concert
* The pub or night club (for young adults or older!)
* Sweet or Savory
* Do homework or do the dishes
* Facebook or Twitter
* Summer or Winter
* Surf or Skate
* Would you rather be beautiful or smart?
* Be taller or shorter?

When everyone chooses a position, read out the next one and everyone moves again. Kids love to express themselves so this is a good game to get them to explore and express their opinions on some things.

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