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John Beck Tax Real Estate
John Beck Tax Real Estate

Sunday, January 31, 2010


Divide teens into groups of three. Choose a team leader from each group and assign the leader the ability of either sight, sound or movement. The object of this activity is for the team leader to navigate their entire team from one location to another with only the use of their one ability. The leader assigned sight can't use sound or movement so they and have their hands and legs tied and can't speak. The leader assigned sound can't use their sight and movement so they should be blindfolded and have their hands and legs tied. The leader assigned movement can't use sight or sound so they have to blindfolded and they can't speak. The goal of this activity will show youths the benefits of team work, will teach them the value of gifts that they have while learning how difficult it can be to be handicapped, and of course, learn what can be achieved even if there are weaknesses.

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