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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Photo night

Split into groups of 4-5 (make sure there's one leader in each group), and give each group a camera.

Draw up a list of things / objects / situations they need to try to capture on film. Be creative with the list - make sure you include some simple tasks, but also some tricky things to find (or do). Allocate points to each item depending on the difficuty.

For example:
Points Photo of...
A red four wheel drive
Members of your group in a phonebox
A members of your group on a swing
A member of your group shaking hands with an old man
A McDonalds sign
A cat
A stop sign
10 A personalized numberplate
5 Members of your group at a bus stop
5 Members of your group on a pedestrian crossing
15 A member of your group with an animal of some sort
10 etc

Be sure to set a time limit when people need to meet back and then share the photos.

Other variations include using a video cameras (rather than still photos)

Make sure to add all the photos to Facebook or your youth group web site!

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